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Shaoqing did not wake up probably because she was really tired and slept deeply Su Yi stepped lightly and went to the bedside Watching Shaoqing fall asleep sideways in his direction her body curled this is a defensive posture even in sleep there is no sense of security In Su Yi's view Shaoqing is just a small one the quilt slightly bulging revealing a small white face Young and fragile There was a woman sleeping in her bed which made Su Yi feel unreal When he reacted his hand had touched Shaoqing's face When he looked at Shaoqing's open eyes a kind of panic appeared on Su Yi's face for the first time There was a flash of surprise temperature scanning kiosks in Shaoqing's eyes and then you looked at me and I looked at you as if time had stopped Shao Qing took the initiative to ask "Have you eaten" "Mmm" Su Yi pretended to withdraw his hand naturally "Grandma asked me to wake you up" Shaoqing sat up from the bed She wore a V-neck T-shirt because the neckline moved forward a lot when she slept so when she sat up the neckline drooped showing a faint undulating curve Su Yi seemed to be burning his eyes by the sun He quickly turned his eyes away His Adam's apple rolled up and down and said "I'll go down first"

Then he turned and walked out without looking back Shao Qing touched the face that had been touched by Su Yi and later felt a little hot Grandma fried four dishes and a soup The dishes are exquisite Shao Qing tasted it and then his eyes curved "Delicious" Grandma said lovingly "Eat more if it's delicious!"! This is my home Don't mention it Shao Qing answered and continued to eat Su Yi usually talks less and even less at the dinner table Grandma and Shaoqing are chatting with each other Usually when Lin Hui was there the table was usually silent Grandma sometimes said a few words to herself He and Su Yan occasionally echoed a few words but the response was not enthusiastic Grandma gradually stopped talking Looking at the way she was chatting happily with Shaoqing now Su Yi found that she had not seen her grandmother so happy at the dinner table for a long time He couldn't help looking at Shaoqing She was outdoor digital signage displays a good chat partner She didn't talk much but she would respond at the right time She would never be silent When others spoke she would look at the speaker intently which made people feel that she was listening carefully instead of being absent-minded Grandma was very happy with this meal even not so happy for a long time and the laughter basically did not stop

The meal lasted longer than usual and Su Yi left the table without finishing it After dinner Shao Qing said to her grandmother "I'll clean up" Grandma said "No just sit down" Shao Qing smiled and said "Grandma told me to take this place as my own home Isn't it right to clean up in my own home" The grandmother listened to be really intimate extremely happy from ear to ear "Well then the grandmother enjoyed a happy life" Shao Qing smiled then neatly tidied up the table took the scarf and gloves from the kitchen and began to wash the dishes I just poured the detergent in Su Yi came in "Grandma asked me to come and help smart whiteboard price " Shaoqing knew that it was Grandma who wanted them to cultivate their feelings She smiled and did not refuse the old man's kindness The clean plate was handed to Su Yi who dried it with a towel Su Yi has hardly been in the kitchen the first time to do this kind of thing as if doing something great the action of wiping the dishes is meticulous While washing the dishes Shao Qing chatted with Su Yi "Will you go to the company in the afternoon" "Mmm" "Will you come back for dinner tonight" Shao Qing then asked …… Uh "What kind of food do you want" Shaoqing looked up at him with sparkling eyes "I'll do it for you in the evening" Su Yi was stunned and asked "Can you cook" "Well I can do all the simple dishes" What do you like to eat Shao Qing asked I'm not a picky eater "Is there anything you particularly like to eat" Shao Qing asked Meat "Ah" "I know" said Shao Qing Can you call me first when you come back in the evening Or send a message “…… OK Shao Qing smiled Grandma stood at the door of the kitchen and looked in and saw them standing together talking and laughing like a young couple smiling on her face

…… "Does General Manager Su have any other itinerary" Cheng Wei couldn't help asking this was the fourth time she had seen Su Yi look at her watch this afternoon Su Yi withdrew his eyes and said "No" After Cheng Wei's reminder he found that he had looked at his watch several times I always feel that this afternoon has passed very long What time can I get off work in the afternoon Su Yi suddenly asked Cheng Wei froze for a moment and then smart interactive whiteboard said "Er" Do you have anything to do Su Yi face does not change color "Hum" Cheng Wei said "Six o'clock" Su Yi looked at his watch It was four o'clock He felt he couldn't wait that long "Let's go ahead and advance the meeting by half an hour" I get off work at half past five Cheng Wei All right Out of the office the more Cheng Wei thought about it the more she felt wrong What private itinerary did Su Yi have that she didn't know This is the first time a workaholic has been in such a hurry to get off work

As soon as the meeting is over Su Yi took out his cell phone turned out Shao Qing's number hesitated for a moment and decided to send a message [I'm off duty] Su Yi stared at the four words for a long time before pressing the send button then took his coat and went out As soon as Su Yi leaves The employees who stayed in the office to work overtime began to talk What's wrong with workaholics today I got off work early! "You don't have a girlfriend" Su Yi got into the elevator The female employees in the elevator were elated but looking at Su Yi's cold face they did not dare to speak but only dared to take a few glances secretly All I heard was a tinkle Su Yi looked at his cell phone It was Shao Qing's reply [OK Be careful on the way and wait for you at home The female employee who was staring at Su Yi witnessed the moment when the ice and snow melted and her heart was restless Did Su always laugh just now! Or was she too nervous to hallucinate Chapter 41 hsdtouch.com

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