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With a squeak the door of Old Qin's office opened a crack Huo Miao came out from inside and behind him was a sentence from Lao Qin "Don't forget to tell me when you're ready" The next second Huo Miao saw a delicate little face in front of his eyes Huo Miao stepped back a few steps and was forced into a corner by Lu Lu you palm against the wall across the shoulder of Huo Miao She turned her face sideways and peeped at Huo Miao's expression Huo Miao still looked as if he had not woken up leaning lazily against the wall and looking at Lu You Little Meow have you confessed to be lenient Lu You asked with concern Huo Miao suddenly information kiosk price smiled the corners of his mouth shallowly raised a radian "well from the wide" "Did you really cheat" Huo Miao passed under Lu You's arm "No" "Then what are you lenient about" Lu You threw his schoolbag to catch up Huo Miao's footsteps stopped at the top of the stairs "I was the first" "Huh" Lu You didn't understand Huo Miao rubbed Lu You's short fluffy hair and jumped down the steps Lu You touched his short hair was stunned and continued to carry forward his spirit of breaking the casserole to the end Hello!

"Meow please explain" She jumped to Huo Miao's side raised a finger and blinked her big eyes Huo Miao held Lu You's twenty-eight car and slanted his head to look at Lu You Huo Xiaomiao Meow meow meow Someone called out twice with a shy face Huo Miao breathed a sigh of relief "I feel it myself" As he slid down the steep slope Lu You shouted behind him "Huo Miao you little chicken ~" Miraculously Huo Miao stayed in Class 10 after the final exam When Lu You asked the reason Huo Miao only said that his previous rankings were too poor so the overall level was still the bottom of the grade Lu You breathed a sigh of relief and took out a pile of Tang monk meat and gave it to Huo Miao "Please" Huo Miao tore one open and threw it into his mouth "Xu Dong came to apologize in the afternoon" Had it not been for Huo Miao's reminder again Lu Youzai would have forgotten this Xu Dong is a boy who is willing to gamble and admit defeat In the afternoon after school there were only cleaning students left in the school Lu you holding his head to see Xu Lu in the face of a mess of powder Huo Miao still lying unconscious in the first row When Xu Dong came in the air stagnated below freezing point All the people in the classroom looked at Xu Dong at the same time Xu Dong strode to the front of Lu You cold and expressionless He bowed shallowly and said with great reluctance "Yes … …"

I can't afford it The tone of impatience is like quarreling with others Lu You felt a little uncomfortable but Xu Lu behind him threw the powder box "I pour what attitude do you have" Xu Dong's lips were pursed into a line and his eyelids were raised to look at Lu You Lu You was rarely quiet looking straight at himself He avoided Lu You's eyes and was about to look up Suddenly his neck seemed to be so shackled that he had to lower it little by little Soon his waist was bent to 90 degrees Xu Dong grinned "what for!" Then he saw a fair and handsome face He had a sudden palpitation and gasped for breath digital whiteboard price He did not expect that the man pressing his neck was Huo Miao Bow you should bow like this Huo Miao looked at Xu Dong "right" Huo Miao's tone was very comfortable as gentle as secretly telling Xu Dong a secret "Xu" he whispered to Xu Dong "you have to be responsible for your own words" "Lu You was already qualified to participate in the provincial competition" "So please ask Xu to say it again" Lu you frowned and looked at Xu Dong and Huo Miao leaning against their heads not knowing what they were saying A historic meeting of the first two grades She thought of the way the leaders shook hands on the news broadcast As soon as her thoughts drifted away she was torn by a heart-rending "I'm sorry!" I pulled it back In front of her eyes Xu bowed 90 degrees apologized loudly to herself and sprayed her face with saliva Fortunately Lu You reacted quickly Holding a lollipop in her mouth she heroically rubbed Xu Dong's hair into a chicken coop "It doesn't matter" At the end of the final exam Lu You was greeted by a bright winter vacation She thought of all kinds of places to go out and play even climbing Chengen Temple to worship the Bodhisattva Unfortunately her dog friends are very busy Xu Lu is busy dealing with the chicken flying dog jump at home the shop closed the door Xu Lu's mother was sent to prison Only then did Lu You learn from his father that Xu Lu's mother was smoking The poison went in 。

Once again the scuffle between touch screen kiosk Xu Lu's parents in the rain flashed through her mind Xu Lu was sent to the countryside by Xu's father and did not meet Lu You throughout the winter vacation And Huo Miao Lu You's loyal little dog leg also informed Lu You before the winter vacation On the last day before the holiday they still went home together Huo Miao walked slowly with a cloth schoolbag on his back Lu You has been urging Huo Miao in front "Huo Xiaomiao walk faster" Huo Miao slowly followed Lu You without the slightest intention of speeding up So Lu turned back "What's the matter" Huo Miao's hands were in his pockets and his clothes were swinging in the biting winter wind He slanted his head and his clean eyes were facing the land I want to walk slowly Looking at Lu You or looking at himself with a dull face Huo Miao explained again "In the future we won't see each other for a long time" "Ah" Lu You stopped and was disappointed "How long is it"

"Half a year" "Half a year" Lu You doesn't have the concept of half a year in his mind About 180 days Huo Miao added Lu You counted his fingers "January is big February is flat" 5 plus 28 plus 30 Huo Miao waited there quietly watching Lu You rack his brains to do mathematical calculations Lu You finally gave up the dizzy calculation problem and shook his head "What are you going to do" "Training and competition" "Competition" Only then did Lu You remember that Huo Miao seemed to be playing Go Will the game take so long In Lu You's view 180 is indeed an astronomical figure Uh Huo Miao nodded and smiled lazily "What are you laughing at" Asked Lu You Huo Miao did not return got up and hugged Lu You Lu You quickly adjusted his limbs into a "big" word not too far away from the little cat as far as possible But this little cat is really clingy clinging to himself and not letting go Lu You had no choice but to let the dead cat hold him hsdtouch.com

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Shaoqing did not wake up probably because she was really tired and slept deeply Su Yi stepped lightly and went to the bedside Watching Shaoqing fall asleep sideways in his direction her body curled this is a defensive posture even in sleep there is no sense of security In Su Yi's view Shaoqing is just a small one the quilt slightly bulging revealing a small white face Young and fragile There was a woman sleeping in her bed which made Su Yi feel unreal When he reacted his hand had touched Shaoqing's face When he looked at Shaoqing's open eyes a kind of panic appeared on Su Yi's face for the first time There was a flash of surprise temperature scanning kiosks in Shaoqing's eyes and then you looked at me and I looked at you as if time had stopped Shao Qing took the initiative to ask "Have you eaten" "Mmm" Su Yi pretended to withdraw his hand naturally "Grandma asked me to wake you up" Shaoqing sat up from the bed She wore a V-neck T-shirt because the neckline moved forward a lot when she slept so when she sat up the neckline drooped showing a faint undulating curve Su Yi seemed to be burning his eyes by the sun He quickly turned his eyes away His Adam's apple rolled up and down and said "I'll go down first"

Then he turned and walked out without looking back Shao Qing touched the face that had been touched by Su Yi and later felt a little hot Grandma fried four dishes and a soup The dishes are exquisite Shao Qing tasted it and then his eyes curved "Delicious" Grandma said lovingly "Eat more if it's delicious!"! This is my home Don't mention it Shao Qing answered and continued to eat Su Yi usually talks less and even less at the dinner table Grandma and Shaoqing are chatting with each other Usually when Lin Hui was there the table was usually silent Grandma sometimes said a few words to herself He and Su Yan occasionally echoed a few words but the response was not enthusiastic Grandma gradually stopped talking Looking at the way she was chatting happily with Shaoqing now Su Yi found that she had not seen her grandmother so happy at the dinner table for a long time He couldn't help looking at Shaoqing She was outdoor digital signage displays a good chat partner She didn't talk much but she would respond at the right time She would never be silent When others spoke she would look at the speaker intently which made people feel that she was listening carefully instead of being absent-minded Grandma was very happy with this meal even not so happy for a long time and the laughter basically did not stop

The meal lasted longer than usual and Su Yi left the table without finishing it After dinner Shao Qing said to her grandmother "I'll clean up" Grandma said "No just sit down" Shao Qing smiled and said "Grandma told me to take this place as my own home Isn't it right to clean up in my own home" The grandmother listened to be really intimate extremely happy from ear to ear "Well then the grandmother enjoyed a happy life" Shao Qing smiled then neatly tidied up the table took the scarf and gloves from the kitchen and began to wash the dishes I just poured the detergent in Su Yi came in "Grandma asked me to come and help smart whiteboard price " Shaoqing knew that it was Grandma who wanted them to cultivate their feelings She smiled and did not refuse the old man's kindness The clean plate was handed to Su Yi who dried it with a towel Su Yi has hardly been in the kitchen the first time to do this kind of thing as if doing something great the action of wiping the dishes is meticulous While washing the dishes Shao Qing chatted with Su Yi "Will you go to the company in the afternoon" "Mmm" "Will you come back for dinner tonight" Shao Qing then asked …… Uh "What kind of food do you want" Shaoqing looked up at him with sparkling eyes "I'll do it for you in the evening" Su Yi was stunned and asked "Can you cook" "Well I can do all the simple dishes" What do you like to eat Shao Qing asked I'm not a picky eater "Is there anything you particularly like to eat" Shao Qing asked Meat "Ah" "I know" said Shao Qing Can you call me first when you come back in the evening Or send a message “…… OK Shao Qing smiled Grandma stood at the door of the kitchen and looked in and saw them standing together talking and laughing like a young couple smiling on her face

…… "Does General Manager Su have any other itinerary" Cheng Wei couldn't help asking this was the fourth time she had seen Su Yi look at her watch this afternoon Su Yi withdrew his eyes and said "No" After Cheng Wei's reminder he found that he had looked at his watch several times I always feel that this afternoon has passed very long What time can I get off work in the afternoon Su Yi suddenly asked Cheng Wei froze for a moment and then smart interactive whiteboard said "Er" Do you have anything to do Su Yi face does not change color "Hum" Cheng Wei said "Six o'clock" Su Yi looked at his watch It was four o'clock He felt he couldn't wait that long "Let's go ahead and advance the meeting by half an hour" I get off work at half past five Cheng Wei All right Out of the office the more Cheng Wei thought about it the more she felt wrong What private itinerary did Su Yi have that she didn't know This is the first time a workaholic has been in such a hurry to get off work

As soon as the meeting is over Su Yi took out his cell phone turned out Shao Qing's number hesitated for a moment and decided to send a message [I'm off duty] Su Yi stared at the four words for a long time before pressing the send button then took his coat and went out As soon as Su Yi leaves The employees who stayed in the office to work overtime began to talk What's wrong with workaholics today I got off work early! "You don't have a girlfriend" Su Yi got into the elevator The female employees in the elevator were elated but looking at Su Yi's cold face they did not dare to speak but only dared to take a few glances secretly All I heard was a tinkle Su Yi looked at his cell phone It was Shao Qing's reply [OK Be careful on the way and wait for you at home The female employee who was staring at Su Yi witnessed the moment when the ice and snow melted and her heart was restless Did Su always laugh just now! Or was she too nervous to hallucinate Chapter 41 hsdtouch.com

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Sky bow empire is the first time to run block all the news about the war before as far as possible to let the blood red prison there later to get information at the same time by Shangguan Cher personally repair a letter send a letter to the vast palace will happen here to the vast palace there but do not know what Shangguan Cher is out of consideration She actually concealed the most important news that Zhou Weiqing had broken through to interactive kiosk price the level of the Emperor of Heaven Perhaps subconsciously when Zhou Weiqing helped her relieve the pressure she had already regarded herself as his person Shangguan Binger's breakthrough continued until Zhou Weiqing woke up from his sleep "Good comfortable" stretched his body forcefully Zhou Weiqing woke up from his sleep "Well no" he subconsciously quickly restrained his breath opened his eyes and looked around Tianer was lying beside him and was awakened by the noise he had just made Looking at Zhou Weiqing he burst out laughing "If you stretch a little longer our dormitory will turn to ashes"

It turned out that because Zhou Weiqing had just been promoted to the rank of Emperor of Heaven he could not completely control his own breath The stretching of his body just now immediately caused a change in the power of heaven and earth The huge power of heaven and earth came straight to this side If he hadn't pulled back from the precipice I'm afraid the building would have been destroyed directly because the power of earth and heaven was too strong and dense Looking at the smiling sky beside her Zhou Weiqing gently hugged her into his arms "Thank you If it hadn't been for you that day I'm afraid" Tianer gave him an angry white look "Do we still want to say thank you" As long as you don't leave me behind when you run out again Zhou Weiqing carefully put his big hand on Tianer's lower abdomen "is our baby really all right" The day son gently nodded the hand covers in Zhou Weiqing's big hand on the pretty face can not help but rise a few denominators X xимng brilliance "Not only is our baby all right but he's much more active than before He didn't move at all but now he occasionally wriggles temperature check kiosk What happened to the holy power of that day" Why does our baby emit such pure energy It seems to be more pure than your holy power after you were promoted to the rank of the Emperor of Heaven Zhou Weiqing said with a wry smile "I don't know but I can be sure that if my holy power can be replaced by such a pure existence then I will certainly become a god-level existence I have always thought that I am already gifted but now it seems that there is still a big gap compared with our baby

This little guy has been so powerful before he was born" When it is born won't it have the strength to surpass me directly Two people look at each other a little confused to say that the newborn child can have the strength of the God level or above say what they will not believe but before that pure to the extreme holy power is not false Zhou Weiqing knew that his father-in-law the Snow God Mountain Lord could not give any answer to the question of the child's sudden appearance of pure holy power Lying down with Tianer in his arms Zhou Weiqing's big hand suddenly began to make trouble and bowed his head in Tianer's ear and said "Dear I want to go in and see our baby" "You're necrotic" The sky suddenly blushed with shame thermal imaging camera "I will be careful you see none of you come to accompany me these days I am so miserable" A touch of spring quietly emanates pregnant women will also think of spring sometimes even stronger than ordinary women Zhou Weiqing's gentle and careful to the delicate and tactful immediately make the room swing a layer of light spring Heavenly Bow Imperial Assembly Hall Zhou Weiqing ordered people to invite the evil emperor Wu Yunyue The most crucial battle was over and some things had to be implemented Moreover this was the main purpose of Zhou Weiqing's coming back this time What he had said to Emperor Fengling was not a joke but a dream of his

Although the sky bow empire now has a very strong army but after all the sky bow empire is a small country far from deep Zhou Weiqing's ambition is not big but extremely hope that their motherland can be strong and strong is the fundamental strength If the Sky Bow Empire can have a holy place of its own then who dares to attack it easily in the future Not only that Zhou Weiqing also established the Rubbing Palace and Congealing Pavilion in the Tiangong Empire which may not be enough to attract a large number of dzi masters in a short time but these are indispensable for the development and future of a country With a smile on her face Wu Yunyue walked into the hall and said directly to Zhou Weiqing with a smile "Weiqing have you all come to rest" Everything's all right Zhou Weiqing laughed and interactive whiteboard prices said "It's all right otherwise I wouldn't have invited you here so soon" In fact when Zhou Weiqing just woke up when the level of energy fluctuations Wu Yunyue has been found after the boy and dawdle for nearly two hours to come out this is also called fast Of course Wu Yunyue will not expose him in his eyes Zhou Weiqing this boy still has shortcomings that is not a good s sии However in any world there is no lack of difference around the strong The same is true in the world of celestial beasts The more powerful the celestial beasts are the more partners they can have

There is no doubt that Zhou Weiqing is strong enough If he has only one woman Wu Yunyue will be surprised Wu Yunyue came straight to the point and said "Wei Qing I already told you that day After I agreed to your proposal last time and we won the victory over the people in the Blood-Red Prison I was anxious to have a discussion with the people of this cult Everyone agreed that this time you can rest assured to take over our heavenly cult" Zhou Weiqing laughed and said "The elder is really too polite In that case of course I have no problem As for the name of our heavenly cult what should we change it to Do you have any suggestions" Evil Emperor Wu Yunyue heard Zhou Weiqing directly use the word "we" the smile on his face suddenly became stronger he has given up the control of the day cult which also care about who to take the name "Master it's better to be named by you Of course I want to be a vice master" Zhou Weiqing in the heart snigger this old fox he still can not let go of all the power after all but this is also a matter of course hsdtouch.com

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In many people's eyes Feng Ying Lou is too ruthless The murderous look is so heavy that there is almost no human warmth In fact that's because they don't understand Feng Ying Lou Feng Ying Lou is not good at showing his feelings He will not become the focus of everyone's attention in the shortest possible time and become the star and darling cheered by millions of people But he has a fiery soul that is no worse than anyone else Whether it is a person a mouse a pigeon or a military dog that has made many achievements on the battlefield as long as he is willing to accept Feng Ying Lou with sincerity he will be regarded as a friend and facial recognization camera will get his purest friendship When the patriarch of the pride of lions for the sake of "righteousness" would rather risk the death of the whole family because of hunger forcibly ordered a ban on attacking the Wind Shadow Building the Wind Shadow Building had already begun to look at it with new eyes I have a good impression on it He joined hands to hunt again and again even directly against its body at night and slowly fell asleep although the time was very short But how can a true friend be measured by time! Hearing the cry of the

Wind Shadow Tower the lion patriarch's body trembled lightly but in his eyes he finally regained consciousness Just as it was about to listen to Feng Ying Lou's advice and temporarily escape from the battlefield that was absolutely unfavorable to it it suddenly froze again In the wind in the distance came the whine of the cubs and more than a dozen Masai soldiers raised their javelins to slaughter the cubs The cubs fought to the death but in the face of a group of the most powerful primitive tribal warriors the sharp javelins in their hands and their most exquisite hunting skills it was doomed to be a futile resistance but also a unilateral massacre The lion patriarch turned his head and took a deep look at the Wind Shadow Building His eyes looked so deep and sad that he did not need words Just this look he clearly conveyed his thoughts to the Wind Shadow Building Goodbye friend! "No!" In the screams of the Wind Shadow Building the lion patriarch who had lost all his companions all his descendants all his family members and therefore all his hopes suddenly let out a mournful howl and then turned his head and swooped over the group of Masai warriors who were dancing bloody javelins with the madness of a comet attacking the sun In the face of the lion patriarch who threw himself into the trap the dozen or so Masai soldiers took off the bows and arrows on their shoulders with a cold look on their faces Among them the leader of the group gave the order and a dozen of them used wolf teeth and animal bones With arrows made of eagle hair and several spears thrown directly they drew a beautiful arc in the air with stunning precision at the mad and angry lioness who swooped at them

Hit it in the face Even an elephant in the face of such intensive attacks will go down With nearly ten arrows and three javelins on his body no matter how unwilling and angry he was face recognition identification kiosk the lion patriarch fell down Even if it fell that pair of eyes full of hatred and sadness still staring at the group of representatives of their whole There is no future and hope but now there is no lion cub lying in a pool of blood Looking at the low battle with the public in the tenth A man who looked like a leader came over 。 "" The leader's shoeless foot stamped heavily on the head of the lion patriarch In front of all the warriors he pulled out a javelin stuck in the patriarch's body Just as he raised the blood-stained javelin high ready to roar to show the toughness and tenacity of their race the lion patriarch suddenly threw it with all his strength Caught off guard the leader fell heavily in front of the patriarch Before everyone could react the lion's lightning-like probe followed "cluck" With a sharp sound it had directly bitten off the most lethal throat and neck bone of the creature that dared to put its foot on its head A Masai warrior leader a lion patriarch who had lost everything lay on the ground So they looked at each other and their hearts stopped beating almost at the same time Looking at this scene from a distance the corners of Feng Ying Lou's mouth kept twitching He used the pride He used the pride of lions to drive the Buffalo He used the pride of lions to drive the troops of terrorists into a desperate situation However he really regarded the patriarch of the pride as a friend He really did not expect that this group of lions who lived on the

African Savannah continued from generation to generation and multiplied from generation to generation would eventually be wiped out because of him Feng Ying Lou suddenly threw himself on Xiao Xiao and the two of them fell heavily on the soft ground Feng Ying Lou has received the most rigorous training in the Fifth Special Forces as well as the instinctive reaction temperature screening kiosk formed by his rich actual combat experience at this time Saved the life of Feng Ying Lou and Xiao Xiao Two arrows almost at the same time as the bowstring broke flew past the shoulder of the Wind Shadow Building Although avoided the sniper but the heart of the wind shadow building but directly sank to the bottom of the valley He is the fangs trained by several heavyweight instructors of the Fifth Special Forces Even if he falls asleep and a poisonous snake crawls past him he can instinctively reach out in his sleep catch the snake and throw it aside and then continue to sleep soundly

He had the keenest ears and eyes and Feng Ying Lou even thought that there was no professional soldier in the world who could escape his eyes But today a native soldier who had never received military training had quietly reached a position less than 100 meters away from him Until he pulled open the bowstring that moment locked the wind shadow building's killing machine only then let the wind shadow building suddenly alert dangerous and dangerous to avoid the other side's deadly sniping No matter how powerful Feng Ying Lou is no matter how abnormal he is he comes from normal human society after all but what he faces is perhaps the best and most outstanding fighter among the Masai people! One The most terrible warrior who knows more about hiding and lurking than chameleons more terrible than poisonous snakes more agile than cheetahs and more tolerant than lone wolves! hsdtouch.com

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I was discouraged and the courage just now disappeared and I didn't dare to go in again Are you confused by fear In this case should we go back to look for backup first However in this way all the things I have done before are in vain The stuffy oil bottle and the fat man had no trace at all so they disappeared at the bottom of the lake If they went up at this time would it be possible to go into the water again Even if I come again do I still have the courage to repeat the process just now I'm afraid not Then perhaps the stuffy oil bottle and the fat man really disappeared from my life Then I couldn't help but miss Pan Zi face detection android If he were here what a great driving force he would be I'm really different from them I thought I had enough experience but courage doesn't seem to have much to do with experience People in the courtyard as long as a few steps back swing legs has been up within a few minutes can be out of the strange ancient building at the bottom of the lake everything in front of no longer need to consider

But I was still there hesitating because I knew clearly in my heart that it was impossible to stop as long as I took the first step whether forward or backward At this time the eye caught sight of something a clear handprint The handprint was printed on the window frame but I didn't find it because I was too nervous just now The place was full of sediment and the handprint was so clear that it had obviously been made not long ago Is it mine I compared them and saw that there were two very long fingers in the handprint which were left by the stuffy oil bottle I was stunned at first and then compared the position of the fingerprint which happened to be the action of breaking the window frame-the stuffy oil bottle broke the window frame here It was a few hundred meters from here to where I first came down He took off his helmet How could he walk for such a long time without any appearance Did he also become a water ghost In the heart of the incredible more and more can think of stuffy oil bottle psychological suddenly certain Didn't you promise to help him If he turns into a water ghost At the worst I will become a water ghost even if I die and the water ghost trio will not be too lonely If he hadn't saved me several times in the past I would have died long ago Now I'm just taking a risk for him Why not Is my life worth that much I managed to calm down To tell the truth this did not alleviate my fear I was even more afraid I trembled almost uncontrollably I could not suppress it at all But the faith in my heart was so strong that I swam into the back hall through the window in the face of this fear As soon as I entered I immediately thought isn't that impolite Do I have to knock first In this way people may think that I am knowledgeable and reasonable and let me live Then he slapped himself in the mouth to calm himself down

The situation in the back hall was the same as that in the front hall and the green light did not light up again as it bypassed the avoidance bit by bit I almost saw the situation after the avoidance but I stopped because my hands were shaking so that I could hardly hold the searchlight The trembling could not be suppressed and the lights shook with the rhythm making the evader in front of him look like he was going to fall down facial recognition thermometer so he had to use his other hand to help him take the last few steps At that moment the nerves of the whole body were highly tense the heart was ready to see any horrible situation as the situation behind really came into view and even felt that the blood vessels in the brain were about to burst However in the searchlight there was only a white collapse and nothing else Fuck! I have a feeling of being teased Under extreme tension people do not relax immediately because they don't see anything but continue to tighten Looking around I found that the whole inner hall was completely closed the back was empty and there should be only one gate leading to the back courtyard I saw it outside just now It's the street outside If something glowing green was here before it must still be there It must be hiding I held my breath and swam over making defensive movements looking under the collapse to see if there was anything under it but it was too messy to distinguish As I watched I suddenly saw the only thing standing There was a screen in the corner of the back hall I don't know what material the screen is made of but it's not rotten but the hinge in it can't support it it's tilted crookedly and it's not in shape

The searchlight shone and the scalp became numb bit by bit Behind the screen a strange figure was printed wwwxiaoshuotxtcom Yinshan Ancient Building Chapter 34 Come True T xt small say day don All of a sudden I froze my feet were weak my whole body was face recognition identification out of strength I dared not move any more my eyes did not dare to leave and the searchlight kept shining in that direction Under the penetration of the powerful searchlight the figure was quite clear What made people's hair stand on end was the man's posture The man's posture was very strange The whole man was almost upright and the whole shoulder was collapsed My first feeling was that the man was floating over there like me but it seemed that the figure was motionless Only a corpse would do that At that time the feeling of suffocation had reached its limit which was probably the most incredible thing I had ever encountered If it were on land there would be countless explanations but it was at the bottom of the lake sixty or seventy meters deep

The shadow stood there leisurely and motionless It was definitely not a diver What on earth is this Is it a monster or a water ghost! No one can survive underwater without an oxygen tank and no one can stand like this underwater My heart is trembling this time his mother really hit the big luck to Ah Gui said that I'm afraid it's really a water ghost I can't help but not believe it Thinking of the water ghost I immediately thought of the bones we were looking for before these are the dumplings that the people of the archaeological team turned into corpses in the water after they died Is that the dead after the village was flooded Is the disappearance of the stuffy oil bottle and the fat man the trick of these things If the dumplings are easy to handle I can't run slower than it with all my equipment If it's a ghost I'm afraid I'll have to be his scapegoat Fatty if they are in distress I don't know if they will come out to help me I was completely at a loss afraid to move forward and turn around because I was afraid that when I turned around this thing would rush at me immediately and I would rather watch it kill me than suddenly feel something different behind me hsdtouch.com

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Where's the number As far as these hatchet men are concerned each of them can take charge of his own side in Jianghu We can see that the strength of the Heavenly King Zhen Hai is enough in Jiang The lake rules the roost but I haven't heard of this man's deeds in Jianghu Isn't it evil "How can these people who hide in the dark show their true faces to their colleagues" Zhang Yunzhong said "What are these two Wu Qi" You Wu you must not know their background and their names may be false "Yunzhong did we make a mistake when we came here openly" "It's possible" "That" "It was too late to leave the city" Do you know how to deal with a pack of digital signage kiosk dogs "I understand" "It's good to understand calm and responsive!"!

When Third Master Zhen's mansion was filled with people with broken hands and feet none of them dared to come A few "Yunzhong you like to break each other's hands and feet" The black evil spirit suddenly came up with an irrelevant remark I don't want to kill people Zhang Yunzhong said as he walked to the guest room Little Diligent Mouse's Book Nest Sweeps the Old Rain Tower Yunzhongyue's Four Seas Eagle Raising — — Chapter 25 Yunzhongyue "Four Seas Eagle" Chapter 25 Near noon two men with swords came who looked leisurely and had the style of celebrities In the yard Zhang Yunzhong is sharpening his knife He bought a large millstone from a stonemason's shop which is a kind of oil stone usually used for sharpening scissors and scissors Need to open the use of thin edge used to sharpen the sword laborious and thankless His Dao is a narrow single Dao with a long and thin blade which can not win by force like the single Dao or the board Dao with emphasis on the front It is famous for its lightness and flexibility and has the function of a sword It is easy to attack but not suitable for defense Therefore his swordsmanship digital signage screen shocked all the heroes with his strange and overbearing spirit and the strong enemies he met were lucky to escape under his sword You have to never have Unless he doesn't attack with a knife I'm invincible The sun is shining in the yard and it is warm on the body He sat at the end of the bench fixed under the millstone with cloth and silk dipped in water and carefully and slowly sharpened his stone with concentration Knife

The black woman moved a bench and sat under the porch watching him sharpen his knife carefully a little entranced She couldn't understand how a big man with a strong voice could have such a calm mood to polish this ordinary With a chipped knife The two Qingpao scribes also stood aside and watched him work with great interest watching him grind so attentively and carefully that his eyes were difficult So as not to gush with curiosity He did grind it very carefully using vegetable oil instead of water Eh! Brother The scribe who had a moustache and looked like a talented person could not help saying "You are very careful" Can Yes what does it take so much effort to grind "Grind to kill" Without lifting his head he grinded slowly and evenly This is not an executioner's knife "Yes" "It's a fighting knife" "Yes" "Fight once the knife will gap the blade is narrow a gap will be scrapped it takes so much effort to see" Grind "I seldom use a blade" Therefore my knife can be called a solution knife Still without looking up he said "Machete!" You can cut down ten oxen cut a hundred oxen with a knife and cut a thousand oxen with a knife "Well!"! Expert Expert "Praise Interactive digital signage praise" "Well!"! It's so polished "Yes light can distinguish people" Grind carefully and use as a mirror He said "The heat of the steel is not enough to quench it" Fine but if used properly the copper wall can still be pierced like a precious blade "To tell you the truth it doesn't matter whether a person like me has a sharp weapon in his hand when he fights with others" I practiced a hundred The person of Bu Shen Quan if the internal strength of the opponent is not enough to protect the body even if he has Longquan Taia in his hand he will also be cracked by the strength of the fist Abdomen "It is indeed an expert's tone" "You are also an expert" With a flash of light the tip of the knife stretched out four feet away less than three inches from the heart of the Qingpao scribe Try it the knife is not good He asked with a smile Very sharp The Qingpao scribe said calmly "The knife's breath is like a wisp and the cleft bones and muscles concentrate their strength on one point"

Old The cultivation of the younger brother's internal strength is at least 40 years or 60 years How old are you brother "In my early twenties" "He withdrew his sword and continued to sharpen it carefully" There are many kinds of internal skills each of which is good at winning and each has its own advantages and disadvantages The depth of cultivation involves talent hard work understanding and enlightened masters And so on judging from the age of the depth of the fire Shallow lost the son feather "Brilliant brilliant" "It's just nonsense Please don't take it to heart" "Take your leave" "No" The two scribes winked at each other and left disappointed So sharpening the knife the two masters who came to prepare for provocation Dismissed It is touch screen digital signage the best policy to defeat the enemy without fighting His knife sent out has held the Qingpao scribes In the secret room of Linhu Village Xiaoyao Fei Mo and Gongsun Ying listened to the meeting between the two scholars and Zhang Yunzhong The Qingpao scribe looked worried and his tone was a little exaggerated Dong Weng to tell you the truth with my eyesight I dare not say that God's eyes are like lightning at least

I can see the minutest detail And the lesser gods Amazing knife I really can't see how the knife arrived anyway faster than the blink of an eye the tip of the knife appeared in the heart Before the key point of Kan it is not too much to call it using God to control the sword The Qingpao scribe seemed to have a lingering fear "If you want to send out the people of this village to fight with him Dongweng the casualties will be unprecedented" After that it can't be cleaned up "Is he that good" Xiaoyao Flying Devil is a little moved Yes Dong Weng Another scribe gave a wry smile and said "He dares to stay in the shop on the right side of the Heavenly King Zhen Hai You can imagine how courageous he is" And know if there is nothing to rely on how dare you snore so boldly at the edge of the tiger's den Third Master Zhen sent out the five killers of Zhen Fu and ruined three of them In a moment he was defeated and he hadn't gone under the knife yet! "Have your father ever fought with him my good nephew" Xiaoyao Fei Demon turned to Gongsun Ying and asked "You said that your brother would The two of them were captured back to the village "My father has never fought with him" Gongsun Ying said "On the night the village was destroyed my father had already left for Nanking" hsdtouch.com

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